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Social bookmarks are, once again, links that are easy to create in large numbers, but also on the weak side. Since they are so easy to create, bookmarks can be used very easily for each new page on your site and even for reinforcing pages where you have built links to your site (more on that later).

There are three very cool free tools that we are going to use for bookmarking:
The first tool is IMAutomator. This is a really handy social bookmarking tool and it’s very quick to set up. The best part is: You don’t have to create any accounts with bookmarking sites to use it. You simply sign up with IMAutomator, submit your bookmarks and that’s it. No need to solve captchas or anything.

The only downside is that the free version of IMAutomator submits to only 15 bookmarking sites and relatively un-popular ones at that. Still, that’s 15 backlinks to any page you want, created with just a few clicks and for free. Plus, you can submit up to 10 URLs per day. Pretty awesome.

When you submit a new URL, you can click on the “Extract Title, Description and Tags” button to automatically fill the main fields. All that’s left to do is to select a category and click on the “Submit” button. You’re also given a choice over how much time the bookmark submissions should be spread out. I generally go for the “1 day” option.

Social Monkee is a service quite similar to IMAutomator. It is also rather awesome, also comes with a free plan that will provide you with up to 25 backlinks per day and you also don’t have to set up any individual accounts on the bookmarking sites to use it.

Sign up for Social Monkee, confirm the email and you’ll be ready to log into your account. Once logged in, click on the “Submit/Download Plugin” link to get your backlinks built.

You can either fill out the form on the site with your URL, title, description and tags or you can download the Firefox plugin. The Firefox plugin will let you submit any page that you’re currently viewing in your browser, to Social Monkee. In either case, you’ll have to give the page a title, description and tags and you need to include at least two spun variations.

You can submit one URL per day on the free account. I recommend submitting your homepage URL on day one, then submitting your main “money-pages” on the following days and then using Social Monkee to build backlinks to either some additional sites you run or to reinforce other backlinks you’ve built.

The third tool we’ll use is SocialAdr. SocialAdr is a very cool collaborative bookmarking system. Instead of bookmarking your own sites, you will use SocialAdr to bookmark other people’s websites and in return, they will be bookmarking yours.

This is the best solution for social bookmarking because bookmarks created by many different people, at different times, using different accounts are far more valuable than if you just create them all yourself.

In addition, your bookmarks can be submitted several times, by different members, which makes them count as “voted up” on the different bookmarking sites.

There are premium, paid account versions for SocialAdr, but you can get started with the free account. It has some limitations, but it’s still very useful and it’s actually incredibly good value, considering that it’s free.

Once you’ve created your free account, the first step is to create new accounts on all of the bookmarking sites supported by SocialAdr and linking them up. To do this, simply use the “Setup Wizard” and follow the instructions.

Create accounts for all of the sites, with the possible exception of twitter (details further down). For each of the sites in the wizard, use the “Go to registration form” link and then use LastPass to quickly fill the form and sign up.

Once you’ve signed up for all the accounts, confirmed emails (where necessary) and added your login info to SocialAdr, you can start using the system. The next step is to go to your Share Queue or use the Quick Share feature to start sharing other people’s content.

The Share Queue will simply display a series of bookmarks that other SocialAdr members have created and all it takes is one click to automatically submit those to all of your accounts. As a free member, you can only share up to five bookmarks per day. Each share earns you credits and these credits are used to get other people to share your content for you.

As a free SocialAdr user, you should make it a habit to log into your account once per day and share five bookmarks. That’s how you get the maximum number of credits and therefore also get your own bookmarks shared by many other members.
To set up your own bookmarks go to “Add Bookmark” and fill out the fields in the same way as described above for the IMAutomator bookmarks.

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