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I have been testing the different social bookmarking sites lately and the majority of them have horrible traffic. They might send a load of visitors, but those visitors don’t visit other pages and they don’t subscribe.

But StumbleUpon is a great social bookmarking site which you can increase your web traffic. It allows users to share and recommend sites they find interesting as they surf the internet. StumbleUpon boast of having over a million social members.

I could share some really good tips and tricks for using StumbleUpon to drive website traffic, Here are detailed step by step instructions showing the inside secrets of getting traffic.

Signup For new Stumbleupon account:

If you’re not already signed up for Stumbleupon, do it now. Click here  to join Stumbleupon.

Install the toolbar:

Stumbleupon toolbars or extensions have a “I Like it!” button on them that allows a user to bookmark their preferences whenever they browse the internet


Use StumbleUpon Regularly:

Once you have installed stumbleupon toolbar on your web browser, just start bookmarking all your preferences.


Make some friends:

Be careful while doing this.Once you have chosen the topic of interest, you will be leaded to a page where you will see a few stumblers who have stumbled some articles recently. You should not add all the users and send messages to them. Add five or ten a day. Go to their profile page and click on Add Him / Her As A Friend.


Write Reviews:

Write reviews on about 1 of every 5 sites you stumble. This is important, because the Stumble Upon system likes reviewers who take a few minutes off in reviewing sites. This is definitely a way to win the favor of your friends.


Avoid Spamming:

Just remember that traffic is never free. Just think, every article of your blog will fetch thousands of views from stumbleupon is wrong .  Stumbleupon is an independent website & it works on its own ethics.You can make some account but never try to make 100 of account if you think.

Next time I will shere some important information about “web traffic”

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