Google has now opened its social networking site Google plus to all


After three mounts field trial, Google has now opened its social networking site Google plus to all. Google’s Vic Gundotra wrote,

“We’re ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups.”

This is a very good news for all who were still waiting for new Google plus account. You don’t need any invitation to join Google plus account, anyone can join by clicking  this link. But the age limit of 18 years still stands, there is no update when the age limit will be lifted.


Google is also previewing some extra features:


Google Hangouts:

To help you create a public hangout about a certain topic. You can now use Google Plus Hangouts to chat live, on video, from your mobile device. Google Plus has made its “Hangouts” feature available on smartphones with front-facing cameras. Hangouts really a perfect place to hangout. Use video in Hangouts, Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut. Install now . Look and sound your best with high quality audio and video. Get started easily- all you need is a webcam.

Google plus Games:

Google Plus also includes the new Game room, which is obviously the place where users can play games that pretty much require social interactions.

Google Docs:

To let you write, plan or present something with others


To help users show off vacation photos etc. on the screen.

Google+ Search 

Google plus search box will return relevant people and contants, as well as popular content from around the web for their keywords you type in.


To let you doodle, draw, and scribble with your friends.

Google plus on mobile:

Google plus is now available for iOS in the iTunes App Store

Google voice and video plugin

Let friends know you’re free for a video hangout, any time, anywhere. Then catch up, watch YouTube, or… just hangout. Install now


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