How To Create A Google Plus Business Page


On November 7, 2011 Google introducing Google plus page as like facebook fan page for Business, a collection of tools and products that help you grow your audience.


Why Create Google Plus Pages?

According to Google they’ve focused so far on connecting people with other people. Google+ Pages will help you build relationships with your users, encouraging them to spend more time engaging with your content. In addition to Google Plus pages, the company also announced one more new feature called ‘Direct Connect’. It’s a new way to search for Google Plus pages on the main Google search engine.


How To Create Google Plus Brand or Business Page?

For now I want to show you how to created one, At first sign in to your google plus account by using your login details. After login you will find “Create Google+ Page” link in right section or you can navigate to start creating your page here,

Select the category for your product/ brand/website/ and fill the page name. You can also provide the website url, if you have website type your website in web address section. Leave it blank, if you don’t have ( It’s totally optional )


Now you have to bring your page to life by post on it, put a badge on your blog if you have and share it with your google friends.

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