How to Get Facebook Traffic


Facebook is not the first social network but it is the most popular one and its a wonderful place to build good relationships with your friends, clients and potential clients. Facebook offers more possibilities


Here you will learn how to add free thousands of  facebook friends to your group for getting traffic consistently. This tips will helps to generate lot of traffic to your blog or website in few hours.


1, Create Group

2,  Invite peoples to join your group

3, Continue update


You can invite people to join your group. If you send 1000 invitation from your group then only 10-20 peoples will interested and  join your group. Do not worry using email maketing software and generate email id . No matter how interesting the stuff in your Facebook profile is, The most important thing is getting more and more traffic to your facebook group so that you can post a single message, event, news or any update about your website and it will get delivered to all the group members. If you don’t update your group regularly, the traffic to your Facebook profile will slow down.



So create your groups and wait for few days, you will see thousands of  members joining your group. Ultimately these members will be visiting to your website, products or blog you have mentioned in the group or in the post that you can make your group.


Yes, facebook is effective to drive traffic . As Facebook is growing bigger and bigger. Try to start a group first. And give it to your friends and they to their friends and etc. You can expect the number of visitors you can push to your website.




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