Make Money Using Facebook


There are so many people who claim that you can make money online by using your facebook account? Did you know that social peoples are making money on Facebook ?


If you are a facebook user or have been around another social networking sites, you will make over a million dollars! Social community site facebook is the place to be if you are online. If you want to make money online, A lot of opportunities awaits you. You can build Fan Pages not groups.


If you are experienced in developing some useful applications for Facebook, consider it as a free opportunity to make some extra cash.



As the group administer use your power to disclose sites of your own or related offers where you the affiliate can benefit financially. How to become an affiliate and earn compensation for your Facebook efforts ? If you are already selling digital items like service, ebook etc in your website. Also include the items of your affiliate links in the Marketplace.

I  highly recommend to join ShareaSale or CJ ( Commission Junction ). Facebook pages can make a huge impact on your affiliate sales.


For Freelancer:

If you are a freelancer, you can use Facebook to expand your networks and even showcase your portfolio.


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