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Reddit is one of the biggest community sites featuring relevant news, articles, links and user-submitted content, vote on them, and engage in discussions on a variety of topics from people all over the world. Reddit has been growing in popularity as seen by last months traffic hitting one Billion pageviews.


I usually get a couple of visits a day from Reddit for each of my sites and got one thousands hits from reddit alone in seven days. I have figured out what to do to repeat it too. If you will take these much efforts other than rediff so you will get more traffic. That is my suggestion.


How to Get Started With Reddit:

Getting started with Reddit is just as easy as signing up, simply need to go to the main site and click register link for an account. Once your account is active, you will be able to submit any link you want to be viewed and voted on by Reddit users.


Using Good Title:

The first step is to have a good Title because a good title can therefore increase the traffic to your site. More and more Internet users depends on web search .


Vote up or down:

After submitting web links, other users may then vote the posted links “up” or “down” with the most successful links gaining prominence by reaching the front page.


Discussion and Comments:

Reddit also has discussion areas in which users may discuss submissions and vote for or against other people’s comments. Comments are seen by 1000’s of users. Popular comments rise to the top by default. Comments that were strongly voted down by users are not displayed.


  • Do not create multiple accounts to vote your link up.
  • Use Reddit plugin or button on your blog
  • Submit Unique Title
  • Make some friends
  • Continue using
  • Karma point it depends on your activity. So continue using Reddit and get more karma points

Yes, It is also a good place to market your own blog by submitting your articles. You getting better results with Reddit. This is a very good source of backlink also. It has a high page rank . I hope these article may help you become a better Reddit user and you hit the front page soon.


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