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SocialAdr also features a “twitter network”, where you can get your links tweeted and in return, you tweet other member’s links. This is fantastic, since Google looks at tweets and takes them into account as a ranking factor. A network like this is great for systematically promoting your content by mixing in some “social signals” in the form of tweets.

To receive credits for tweeting, you need to add an account that has some followers (the more followers, the better). If you already have an established twitter account, you might want to add it, however, you might also want to avoid doing so and keep the “marketing stuff” separate from your personal twitter account, for instance.

When setting up a new twitter account to use for SocialAdr, be aware that twitter has anti-spam measures in place. If you just set up a new account and start auto-tweeting links all day long, you’ll get banned in no time.

To make sure a new account doesn’t get banned, follow these steps:
? Customize Your Account Add a short bio, add a profile image, select a different background or upload a background image of your own.
? Send Tweets Without Links During the first few days, frequently tweet some messages that don’t contain any links. If all of your tweets contain links, from day one, you’re at far greater risk of having the account banned.
? Follow Other Twitterers Follow other twitterers, just like a “real” user would. Don’t only follow some of the most popular accounts, also follow some no-names.

If you do all of the above, that significantly minimizes the risk of the account getting shut down. There’s no 100% guarantee that it won’t happen, though.

Another factor is, as mentioned before, getting some followers for the account. Getting twitter followers could be an entire chapter (if not an entire book) all by itself, but I don’t want to go into that much detail (plus, I’m not exactly a twitter expert).

The general idea is that A) you invite people to follow you though your blog, other twitter accounts, facebook etc. and B) follow other people, hoping that some will follow you back.

You can also buy services very cheaply to build up your follower count (try fiverr), although at a certain risk of getting your account banned. A shortcut to getting many followers can be found in creating a celebrity-related twitter account. Just pick some hot celebrity name and create a “news about X” account. You’ll have to post some stuff

about that celebrity, for this method to work, though. Finally, check out Twiends, a service where you can earn credits for following others and get followers in return.
Once you’ve set up an account to use with SocialAdr, make sure you add a separate “tweet” to your bookmarks:

I recommend that you don’t spin this message, because that’s not how tweets work, in most cases. Instead, add this to the beginning of the message: RT@yourtwittername

This is how tweets mostly spread: people re-tweet them and this is often indicated with an “RT@username”. They don’t rewrite the tweets, in most cases.

Now that we’ve set everything up with SocialAdr, here’s what to do at this point in the Battleplan: Add one or two pages from your main site as bookmarks/tweets.

The goal is to use SocialAdr to promote your “money pages” first and foremost. You can and should switch out the bookmarks you add to be shared by SocialAdr users every once in a while, so you can spread out the promotion to many different sites and pages.
And of course, you can always also go for one of their premium accounts to speed things up.

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