Social Media Stat Plugins For Your Blog


Today I would like to show you social stats plugins for WordPress that let you check your social media performance and how well your blog posts are being promoted via Google + 1, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, LinkedIn and Digg.

Social Metrics is a Social Analytics tool for your wordpress blog. I never forget to promote my valuable posts once I published. This wordpress tool also makes easy for search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc to crawl your wordpress blog instantly. You can monitor popular post and you will learn what actually your social readers want and find out exactly how many times your posts have been shared across these social networks.

Plugin Features:

Easy settings
Track how is your content
Posts shared counter
Social media websites promote your content
Posts shared counterAccess from WordPress Admin bar
Easily filter
Seven social networks dashboard in one place
Quickly switch between pages and posts
Lightweight plugin with minimal settingsTotal
Performance of all your posts


Once installed Social Metrics, you will find a link to your Social Metric page in the dashboard area of your admin sidebar. Social Metrics is a free wordpress blog plugin. Download it from the plugin repository & give it a try today by clicking here


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