What is Google pluse 1


What is google +1 ?

Google is introducing a new feature in Google search results+1. But what is it ? A social search engine ? A social thingy ? A new social network ? Is it even social ? Google basically gives users the ability to click the +1 button on a useful blog or website in order to make or share a recommendation. Plus1 allows you to share your favorite web links and websites with your google friends.

Why You Should Embrace Google +1

A person’s +1 recommendations are visible to everyone of their online connections. The same goes for your friends.  If your friends are using the +1 button to promote your business chances are their connections when they perform a similar search.  Seeing that someone who is close to them, that they trust, has recommended your product or service via the +1 button will give them a heightened sense of security and more of an incentive to inquire about what you have to offer.


How to make a recommendation

Making a recommendation is very simple, just click on the +1 button in the SERPs. This will open the following pop-up window.


Adding +1 button to your site

If you are webmaster, here is how to add the +1 button to your site, Just grab a snippet of code from google tools.

How will it impact SEO?

Google Plus One Button we have a powerful new tool that will soon allow Google users to share websites and content the same as Facebook users now do with the Like button. this tool will become a fantastic resource to better connect with readers while improving rankings in Google.


Our Conclusion:

So, Don’t pass over this opportunity, add the Google pluse1 Button to your site today!  Working it into your social media strategy will only benefit your organization or web site, so don’t get left behind, get social ! click here for more


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