Free Joomla/WordPress Templates Problem

I use free templates. I always look at the source code of the pages generated after I install and activate them, and so should you.

The intention of the template builder is not always clear. It is possible that he/she built the template for a company that paid him to promote their site.

Building a free template and sharing it with the CMS community is a great way to get lots of incoming links. You know that such a link is not always in your best interest, and the template builder will know that you will remove the link if it is too obvious —for instance, a link to an insurance company or a car sales dealer.

If you know how to read the footer of the template file, or even the index.php file of the template, you know how to get rid of such a link.

So they changed their tactics, now you won’t see the link on your page, because it is “hidden” using a CSS code such as .hidden. Therefore, you need to step up and check the .css file that is referenced in the template as well.

Another option that is now gaining momentum is to put in some extra JavaScript called PHP file, in which a hexadecimal code line is embedded. Now that is going an extra mile to hide your intentions. You have to decode the code and see what it’s all about.

You could even end up with a link to a malicious software distribution site which will most certainly get you out of any search engine index. When you download a free template, make sure you check that it comes from a reputed source. It should deliver quality templates and check the templates they offer before they make it into the downloads section.

It’s also good practice to check the web site of the template builder for two reasons:
• If there is an update for that template.
• What the site is really about and if that doesn’t look good, stay away from that template.


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