Why Go for Commercial Templates?

One of the reasons for choosing commercial templates is the fact that you get support if something goes wrong. Support should not be the only reason to go for commercial templates.

Also consider the fact that there are a few other web sites that use the same template. This makes your site more unique than many free template-based sites. Search engines love unique templates.

Price is really not an issue anymore as most of the templates and template clubs will charge you between 20 to 50 USD per template for a three month membership with access to multiple templates. This is good value for what you get. If you want really unique template for your blog or website, then those template builders will offer you this possibility as well. However, you may have to dig deeper into your wallet.

The commercial templates are well formatted when it comes to standards such as XHTML and CSS. This makes it a good choice for your Search Engine Optimization efforts. Commercial templates use the most up-to-date settings for your wordpress or joomla and will use the possibility to incorporate parameters that make it easy for you to do some customization or add extra functionality.

Images used in commercial templates for the background, and other images used for the layout are also optimized to reduce loading time for the template. You will also see that commercial templates are making good use of getting CSS and JavaScript out of the main index.php file. Setting these files outside the template and including them using external files will get your main content loaded faster.

The main reason for choosing commercial templates is that they look really good and are specifically built for a certain purpose or niche. We will consider two examples of such templates. The first one is that of a wordpress blog-like template such as EarningFair template from this link.

There are many others to choose from and you will find templates that will suit your needs without any major problems.

Finally, I highly recommend to use commercial template for your blog or website. Commercial templates are more advanced and which also give you more control over the result.

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