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What is PageRank & Backlink ?
The name “PageRank” is a trademark of Google.  PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web and A back link is an inward link to your site that may or may not be reciprocated with an outward link back.

How Can I Increase My PageRank?
If you’d like to increase your PageRank, you need to have “backlinks/External Link” or other people linking to your website.

Backlinks are Great Traffic Generator
Backlinks are great Traffic Generator. It is more than 100 % true.Google calculates page ranking of a web site and power it’s linking structure on site credibility from which they are referring to your web site.The best way to increase your PageRank is to have quality content that other people want to link.

These important backlinks generator sites are

1 http://banglahili.com
2 http://hosts-file.net/default.asp?s=[URL]
3 http://www.inprozone.com

4 http://www.whoisya.com/[URL]
5 http://www.cubestat.com/[URL]
6 http://www.wikifox.de/[URL]
7 http://www.snifflet.com/[URL]
8 http://www.builtwith.com/?[URL]
9 http://snapshot.compete.com/[URL]
10 http://whois.domaintools.com/[URL]
11 http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=[URL]
12 http://www.siteadvisor.cn/sites/[URL]/summary/
13 http://www.aboutdomain.org/backlinks/[URL]/
14 http://www.quantcast.com/[URL]
15 http://www.who.is/whois-com/[URL]
16 http://www.zimbio.com/search?q=[URL]&btnG=Search
17 http://whois.ws/whois-info/ip-address/[URL]/
18 http://statbrain.com/[URL]
19 http://www.websiteoutlook.com/[URL]
20 http://www.whoisx.co.uk/[URL]
21 http://robtex.com/dns/[URL].html
22 http://www.protect-x.com/info/[URL]
23 http://www.feedest.com/feedHost.cfm/host/[URL]
24 http://netvaluer.com/show.asp?site=[URL]
25 http://www.cubestat.com/[URL]
26 http://online.htmlvalidator.com/php/onlinevallite.php?url=[URL]
27 http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=[URL]
28 http://www.whoisbucket.com/view/[URL]
29 http://www.quarkbase.com/show/[URL]
30 http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/[URL]
31 http://www.whatismyip.com.np/whois/[URL]
32 http://page2rss.com/page?url=[URL]
33 http://www.searchanalytics.compete.com/site_referrals/[URL]
34 http://www.whoisya.com/[URL]
35 http://whois.domaintools.com/[URL]
36 http://hosts-file.net/default.asp?s=[URL]
37 http://www.aboutus.org/[URL]
38 http://www.quantcast.com/[URL]
39 http://www.backlinkcheck.com/popular.pl?url1=[URL]
40 http://www.whoisx.co.uk/[URL]
41 http://www.statbrain.com/[URL]
42 http://www.pageheat.com/heat/[URL]
43 http://snapshot.compete.com/[URL]
44 http://whois.tools4noobs.com/info/[URL]
45 http://www.alexa.com/data/details/?url=[URL]
46 http://www.siteadvisor.cn/sites/[URL]/summary/
47 http://www.aboutdomain.org/backlinks/[URL]/
48 http://www.builtwith.com/?[URL]
49 http://www.who.is/whois-com/[URL]
50 http://www.zimbio.com/search?q=[URL]&btnG=Search
51 http://whois.ws/whois-info/ip-address/[URL]/
52 http://websiteoutlook.com/[URL]
53 http://www.snifflet.com/[URL]
54 http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details/[URL]
55 http://searchanalytics.compete.com/site_referrals/[URL]
56 http://www.protect-x.com/info/[URL]
57 http://www.talkreviews.com/[URL]
58 http://netvaluer.com/show.asp?site=[URL]
59 http://www.backlinkcheck.com/popular.pl?url1=[URL]
60 http://pageheat.com/heat/[URL]online.html
61 http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=[URL]
62 http://www.whoisbucket.com/view/[URL]
63 http://www.quarkbase.com/show/[URL]
64 http://www.dnscoop.com/[URL]
65 http://www.whatismyip.com.np/whois/[URL]
66 http://reddit.com/domain/[URL]
67 http://www.robtex.com/dns/[URL].html
68 http://www.validator.com/php/onlinevallite.php?url=[URL]
69 http://www.feedest.com/feedHost.cfm/host/[URL]
70 http://wholinkstome.com/url/[URL]

71 http://www.lifemogul.com/tag/tips/ [URL]
72 http://www.links2mysite.com/links/[URL]
73 http://www.metacafe.com/tags/related:[URL]/
74 http://www.philrecruit.com/ [URL]
75 http://www.protectwebform.com/stats/site.php?d=[URL]
76 http://www.psicolaboral.com.ar/ [URL]
77 http://www.realestatebestjobs.com/ [URL]
78 http://www.recruiterredbook.com/ [URL]
79 http://www.page2rss.com/page?url=[URL]
80 http://www.semrush.com/info/[URL]
81 http://www.serpanalytics.com/sites/[URL]
82 http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/[URL]/summary/
83 http://www.surcentro.com/en/info/[URL]
84 http://www.tagurls.com/url/[URL]
85 http://www.urladex.com/url/[URL]
86 http://www.pageheat.com/heat/[URL]
87 http://www.talkreviews.com/[URL]
88 http://wholinkstome.com/url/[URL]
89 http://www.aboutthedomain.com/[URL]
90 http://websiteshadow.com/[URL]
91 http://www.valuatemysite.com/[URL]
92 http://www.webtrafficagents.com/WebSiteValue/[URL]
93 http://www.markosweb.com/www/[URL]
94 http://www.xmarks.com/site/[URL]
95 http://www.dnscoop.com/[URL]
96 http://www.xomreviews.com/[URL]
97 http://topsy.com/s?q=site%3A[URL]
98 http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/[URL]
99 http://www.thegetpr.com/site/[URL]

100 http://www.aboutthedomain.com/[URL]
101 http://careerdomino.com/ [URL]
102 http://www.urlashare.com/url/[URL]
103 http://www.webtrafficagents.com/WebSiteValue/[URL]
104 http://www.markosweb.com/www/[URL]
105 http://www.xmarks.com/site/[URL]
106 http://www.wikifox.de/[URL]
107 http://www.xomreviews.com/[URL]
108 http://topsy.com/s?q=site%3A[URL]
109 http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/[URL]
110 http://www.thegetpr.com/site/[URL]
111 http://www.websiteshadow.com/[URL]
112 http://www.seedspill.com/[URL]
113 http://www.valuatemysite.com/[URL]
114 http://www.buydomainportfolio.com/[URL]
115 http://www.similarsites.com/sites-like/[URL]
116 http://www.lyfc.org/ [URL]
117 http://www.tagfetcher.com/url/[URL]
118 http://websitevalued.com/default.aspx?[URL]
119 http://careermag.com/ [URL]
120 http://www.yourwebsitevalue.com/getsitesearch.cgi/[URL]
121 http://www.pufip.com/?q=[URL]&a=site
122 http://www.worthbot.com/[URL]
123 http://adquants.com/domain_data.php?search_value=[URL]
124 http://statsaholic.com/[URL]
125 http://digg.com/search?sort=newest&fltdigg=o50&s=site:[URL]
126 http://domainsearch101.com/domainsearch/[URL]
127 http://finance.mixx.com/ [URL]
128 http://hindi.avadhwebs.com/website/[URL]
129 http://iowa.mixx.com/ [URL]
130 http://site-wiki.com/[URL]
131 http://siteanalytics.compete.com/[URL]/?metric=uv
132 http://thebusinessmanagement.co.cc/ [URL]
133 http://thevine.glenmarchurch.org/ [URL]
134 http://www.alexaholic.com/siteinfo/[URL]
135 http://www.b2bpro.org/search.php?q=[URL]
136 http://www.stimator.com/[URL]
137 http://www.comdurav.com/ip-domain.php?domain=[URL]
138 http://www.cqcounter.com/whois/domain/[URL].html
139 http://www.cuge.org/check.php?site=[URL]
140http://www.directoryofrecruiters.com/ [URL]
142 http://www.folkd.com/url/[URL]
143 http://www.interviewod.com/directory/new/ [URL]
144 http://www.ip-adress.com/reverse_ip/[URL]
145 http://www.jobfinderadvisory.com/ [URL]
146 http://www.jobs1st.com/ [URL]
147 http://www.keywordspy.co.uk/overview/domain.aspx?q=[URL]
148 http://www.keywordspy.com/ppc/domain.aspx?q=[URL]
149 http://www.lifemogul.com/ [URL]
150 http://inprozone.com

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