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Comment marketing had became one of the most important Internet marketing strategy for your blog., Its a real thing. If you have started listening to all the discussion in social networks and on web site about your company and you are wondering what to do with all this new-found intelligence, comment marketing is a great place to start. This will do 2 things for you,

1, Gain a back link for your blog and

2, blog owners drive traffic to their website through comments

There are so many blogs available, Comments are the first step in forming a relationship with another blogger. where you can post your comments with which you are allowed to add your site’s URL. This will bring a back link to your site. If you want to get more interested visitors to your blog, blog comment marketing is something you should invest a little time in doing.


How To Write Comment ?

Most of the people write comments for nothing and unrelated topics. Basically, they are called Spammers . I understand nobody is perfect, but if you follow few tips carefully and respectfully, it’s possible to get more unique visitors to your web site,

+ Read the comments on at least three posts, to give you some idea

+ Suggest your own experience or ideas with others.

+ Read the blog you want to comment on

+ Ask questions.

+ Answer questions.

Important for SEO:

Comments help search engines to create keyword clusters and deliver long-tail searches. Comments may signal that the content is still fresh, important and popular.


By doing this, readers find your comment valuable and for sure, they will come to your site expecting similar stuff !


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    Blog commenting is a great way to increase your profile and backlink profile. It needs to be done in the right way though (no spam!)

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    Blog commenting is simple a online conversation mode that can be between any number of people. Every one can put their points by doing comments after reading the above blog. If someone website is related to the blog topic then they put their link for the visitors who want to explore more on internet.

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    Comments are meant to be short and to the point. Writing a blog comment is a great way to advertise your cause or organization by featuring web addresses that venture back to a specific site or blog. Blog comments are a reaction to a blog post, so it should be your opinion to what you’ve read. And it helps in SEO.

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