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For better blogging you need to know something about your blog visitors, who’s visiting in your page, why they are at your blog, which is the popular page,  where they came from and where they’re going.

Feed Stats for WordPress (reworked for PHP 5.3) is a third-party plugin for viewing data from the FeedBurner web service for your WordPress blog that tracks statistics for your Atom/RSS feeds, including the number of subscribers, which feed readers they’re using and reach are shown in table and graph form over a set number of days.

Feed Stats plugin allows you to view the following types of statistics:

  • Blog Subscribers
  • Item Views
  • Reach (see the FAQ section for more information about this)
  • Item Clickthroughs
  • Total Hits

Installing this blog plugin, Download and unzip feed-statistics plugin from the zip file below and upload it to the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your blog. Now activate the plugin from your admin panel. you can simply check through wordpress admin area. It shows the main stats that Feedburner provides therefore once installed, you will not have to login to your Feedburner account unless you need to edit settings.

I think its really helps you understand your visitors a little better. So what do you think you will learn about your blog’s readers and your blog  from this new information?

If yes Download Feed Stats for your Blog. Hope These plugins will help you to analyse your WordPress blog feed and subscriber.

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