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Free Traffic System is another blog network that we are going to make use of. Right at this moment, it is undergoing a change from version 1 to version 2 and not all the features are final yet. For now, I recommend you wait until the update is complete. I will update this guide as soon as version 2 is ready with all the features we want to use it for.

There are various web 2.0 sites that let you create free blogs, post status updates or otherwise post content of your own and in many cases we can make use of those sites for getting some good backlinks.

To get started with the setup of your very own web 2.0 syndication network, go to Posterous and create a new account. Posterous accounts come in two flavours: sites and groups. Groups are mainly for staying connected with an existing group of people (e.g. the employees of a company). For our link-building purposes, create a Posterous site.

Once you’ve set up your site, you’ll be able to create posts for your free Posterous blog. In addition, you can set Posterous up to automatically syndicate any posts your create to about a dozen other web 2.0 sites as well and that’s where things get really interesting.

In your Posterous dashboard, go to “yourname’s Posterous” in the left menu and then select the “Autopost” tab:

Click on the large, green “Add Service” button to start connecting other sites to Posterous.
Out of all the available services, I recommend you use the following:
> Twitter
> Google Plus
> Friendfeed
> Jaiku
> Plurk
> Blogger
> Tumblr
> Xanga
> Delicious

Create accounts on each of those sites, then link them up to Posterous (in most cases, you simply enter your username and password in the “Add Services” menu in Posterous, to connect the accounts).

In addition, create a Multiply account, or use one you’ve already created. Posterous doesn’t post to Multiply, but we’re going to add it into the mix anyway. Sign in to your Multiply account and go to “my account” in the top right corner:

Then, select “Posting Options”:
On the following screen, click on “Import Journal Entries”:
website visitorOn the next screen, select either “Blogger” or “LiveJournal” (I recommend Blogger) and link up the blog to your Multiply account. Make sure you use the same Blogger/LifeJournal account that Posterous is auto-posting to.
The result of this setup is that whenever you post something to Posterous, that same post gets sent out to a series of other web 2.0 sites and blogs, including Blogger, from where it is then automatically imported to Multiply as well.
In short: you create one post, click on “publish” once and automatically get a dozen backlinks from as many different websites.

To make all of this happen, simply create a new post in Posterous (click on “Post by Web” in your dashboard).

Enter a title for your post and write a few paragraphs. I usually create a “teaser-post” which basically just introduces an article I’ve written on my main site. After a few paragraphs, I add a line that says something like “click this link to read the full article”, followed by my link. I also like to add an image to the post.

In your “Post Options” (right sidebar in the post editor), make sure that the “Autopost everywhere” box is ticked before you publish your new post:

Tasks for this step:
1. Create Posterous account
2. Create web 2.0 accounts
3. Add web 2.0 accounts to posterous
4. Create Multiply account
5. Link Multiply account to Blogger account
6. Create a short post about your main site, link to your homepage and post to Posterous (with auto-post activated)
7. Create new short posts with links to all of the main pages on your site.
8. Bookmark your Posterous, Blogger and blogs using IMAutomator and Social Monkee.
Finally, note that you can also use one of the versions of your spun article to submit to all of the web 2.0 sites, using the Posterous method.

I’ve been searching for ways to improve on this web 2.0 syndication method using Posterous for some time now, but I’ve never found anything as simple and useful.

Still, in case you want to experiment with some more options, I just want to point two services: hellotxt and are both content syndication services that can be used for free. Both services can post to a few more sites than Posterous, but neither let you create rich content or anchor-text links, which is why Posterous is still superior, in my opinion.

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