How Can I Block Spam Comments?


Akismet is very useful to prevent and block wordpress comment spams or even spam bots which can be really annoying. Akismet plugin comes standard with the install and It’s easy to set up, included with WordPress by default and is all that’s needed for many blogs. This plugin is a must have plugin if you have wordpress blog.

What does Akismet do?

Akismet is a great tool for wordpress blog. The Akismet plugin catches comment and trackback spam.You can manage your comments, allowing, denying, or even blocking. So far it has blocked around 15,734 comments on this blog. Akismet does keep a spam comment for at least 15 days just for you to check them out and then it gets deleted permanently after.

Akismet wordpress plugin Download:

Don’t wait. Set them up now! It will make your blogging life much more pleasant. Download the Akismet wordpress plugin

If you want to run the Akismet plugin on your wordpress blog at first will need to get a API key. All you have to do is sign up for a WordPress account. Part of that process is to check your email for details.

Where is my Akismet / WordPress API key?

Log into your account and look in the top left-hand corner for My Blogs. Click on My Blogs and choose Dashboard. Once you are in the dashboard click on “Edit Profile”, you will see it. This is the code you enter on the Akismet Configuration page.

Add API key:

Once you have got the API key, go back to the admin dashboard of your blog and click on the enter your API link, this should take you to the Akismet configuration page. For Akismet users: You can get an API key here.

Anti Captcha Plugin:

Spammers basically use some Bots and Auto Comment software or script to fill our Comment Box. This can be avoided using this Anti-Captcha Plugin.

In the end, I hope anti-spam will evolve a lot more and block their connection instantly when some spam comes out their PC and flood their logs from failure! If you enjoy this article and found it useful I hope that you will bookmark it, share it and generally spread the word!. If you also have any other solution or best plugin to fight the spam comments in wordpress blog then please do add them in comment.

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