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We’ve already done a good amount of link-building using articles and with this next PDF backlinking step, we can get even more traffic and backlinks out of our already existing articles.

The basics of this step are very simple: we are going to upload PDF documents to a few document sharing sites. This benefits us in several ways:
* We get a backlink from our profile on the doc sharing site.
* Google crawls and indexes PDF content as well as links in PDF content, so we get additional backlinks from the documents themselves.
* We get brand exposure and direct traffic, if we upload some good content.

You can simply take the articles you’ve already written for previous steps, convert them to PDF format and upload them, but I don’t recommend that. What I recommend is that you first optimize your articles for this step, using the following guidelines-

1. Write an article or short report or use an existing article Use Word, OpenOffice or your preferred word-processor to create your article or report. I recommend writing at least two pages. You can also copy-paste one or more existing articles.
2. Create a cover page On your first page, there should be nothing but the title of the document, an image (e.g. your logo or any other suitable image), a call to action and a link to your site.
3. Add a link to your site to the document footer Either use just the direct URL to your site, or write something like “for more information, go to LINK” or “brought to you by LINK”.
4. Add a back page It can be similar to the cover page or even the same as the cover page. The idea is just to get your brand in front of people again, after they read the document and to add another call to action and link.

Once the document is optimized, convert it to the PDF format. In most word processors, you can either select an option called “Export as PDF” or you can simply click “Save as…” and select PDF as the file format.

PDF backlinksNow, create user accounts on the following sites and then upload your document:
# Scribd
# docstoc
# issuu
# calaméo
# yudu

On each site, you will be able to add titles and descriptions and set up some sharing options. Follow these guidelines:

1, Vary Your Title I recommend using your main keyword in the title, but changing the exact wording slightly, for each doc sharing site you upload to. This gives you a better chance of catching some traffic from different long-tail keywords, going directly to the uploaded documents.

2, Ensure Sharing is Set to “Public” On most of these document sites, you can choose to keep documents private, which hides them from Google and other site visitors. Make sure that the sharing options for your uploads are set to “public”, otherwise, there won’t be any SEO benefit in uploaded the documents.

3, Set Your License Options On some sites, you can select what kind of a license your document has, ranging from “complete copywrite, don’t you dare touch this” to “you can share this and do anything you want with it”. I recommend that you set your license to allow sharing, but only with author attribution. If someone picks up your document and wants to share it, that’s great (more exposure), just make sure that they have to mention you as the source of the document.

If you upload some valuable content, you can expect to get a decent amount of traffic to some of these sites (especially And even if you simply upload a few optimized documents with the articles you’ve already use in previous steps, you’ll still get a few extra backlinks from new sources.

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