How To Improve Alexa Ranking


Alexa is a ranking system based on the level of traffic a website receives from people with the Alexa toolbar installed. It is a very powerful tool and Millions of users using this Toolbar. Alexa rank helps you bargain for an ad price. Why do webmasters need to boost alexa ranking?

If you are a webmaster you should know that there are several factors determining your website’s worth. Alexa website traffic rank is one of them.

  • To foster a good image for their sites
  • To attract more and quality clients.
  • advertisers would like to designate websites with Alexa Rank within 100,000 or 50,000 or even lower.
  • Better promote your web site
  • Increase ads earnings


I hope this is the most frequent question which comes in all bloggers mind How to  improve your Alexa Rank. We have some experience in Alexa rank improvement.

  1. Use Alexa Toolbar
  2. Claim your blog
  3. Edit site listing
  4. Use Widgets on your blog because every single click on this widget is counted and this gives a real boost in the ranking. I personally think it might work. The widget displays your blog rank,
  5. Using alexa add-on for Firefox,
  6. Try to telling about alexa toolbar to your online friends. There are huge demands for the tips to improve website ranking. Many webmasters and bloggers love to learn it. So, write some unique post about it.
  7. Exchange links with the related sites
  8. Be honest, provide good and useful content, encourage participation, make sure you have researched the subject your about to write about.



These tips are the starting point for increasing alexa ranking to your site, quickly.  You can get the Alexa Toolbar right here for IE, Firefox and Chrome.

There are still many ways to increase your Alexa Ranking, Do you know other ways to improve Alexa traffic ranking? Please tell our readers.


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  • Verde

    Alexa rank does not reliably show the statistics, their statistics are based on the toolbars. When I had about 100 visits a day, Alexa Rank was 110K. When my website ( got to 900 visits per day and there was improved depth of page views, Alexa rating has deteriorated to 400K. It’s brad…

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      you can try another great traffic ranking website Compete. click here for details

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