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I was inspired back in March 2011 by excellent bangla blog post about generating huge traffic from Yahoo Answers. It is the easiest ways to generate traffic to your blog. It is often one of the most overlooked methods as well, The goals of Yahoo! Answers are to share their knowledge, help others, while earning earn points in the process.

Yahoo Answers right on top of the list in the search engines. At this time I was getting about 20 visitors a day from yahoo & I recommend do not spamming Yahoo Answers. It does not do you any good result.

How to get good percentage of traffic from yahoo answers?

Carefully, Its an important section. You must choose both answers and questions

Urgent questions will choose your answer as the best one & fully answers the question with backlink. if your answers are voted to be the best and you win & you have got enough posts. The more effort you put into answering yahoo urgent questions thoroughly & being chosen as the best yahoo answer the more good quality yahoo traffic your website will receive. Always keep this mind that the ultimate goal is to be selected as the Top answers.


Do you want to open a Yahoo Answers Account ? Create New Account Easy just click here and fill account details.


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