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Jetpack super charges your WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of This great plugin was developed together by WordPress owners Automattic as well as developers Andy Skelton as well as mdawaffe.

This is my one of the best wordpress plugin because It’s a powerful plugin which can develop your blog in more than one ways-

  • You can use the plugin as a sharing side
  • Source of Analytics as it provides more detailed stats for your blog
  • Twitter Widget
  • Shortcode Embeds
  • Sharedaddy
  • LaTeX
  • Gravatar Hovercards
  • After the Deadline
  • Shortlinks


To get started with Jetpack, download and install the plugin. Once you’ve installed Jetpack you’ll activate all the delightful features.

Our Conclusion:

I believe jetpack worth installing as some of the other features such as shortcodes and Gravatar hovercards are incredibly useful. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our stats the way we used to have them and dabble in a new gadget. 35.000 downloads in under two weeks. Download Jetpack Click here

Some Screenshot for you:


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