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So far, the Battleplan has mostly been about generating links from other sites directly to yours. The next step in the strategy is to start strengthening some of those links, by building links to the pages those links are on. I call this link reinforcement and it’s basically like building a second level of links.

The idea behind this is simply that by building backlinks to our backlinks, more “link-juice” (= SEO value) is being passed down to our site. My favourite way of doing this is to pick some of the pages linking to me and building them out into “link hubs”.

Look attached image on this article Here’s a visualization of what that might look like:

I recommend using article directories, blog networks, free blogs/web 2.0 sites, bookmarks and sometimes a blog comment or two, to build links to pages linking to the target page (target page = page on our site that we want to rank).

Note that when you build these second-level links, anchor text doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is the SEO value that gets passed to the linking page and from there to the target page.

Now, the question is: what pages do we select, to build out into link hubs? First, make sure that your backlink on the linking page is a do-follow backlink. If you aren’t sure about that, install the SEOquake browser plugin (Firefox and Chrome) and set it up to mark no-follow links. Second, build link hubs to pages that are already passing you a good amount of SEO value.

I never build a link hub around a social bookmark, for example, since that’s a pretty low-value link. I like to build link hubs around articles/posts that are on domains with high PageRank. This is true of all the free blogging platforms like Blogger, and Posterous, so you can go ahead and build a link hub around an article you posted on one of these sites.

Any guest posts you published on other blogs are also high-quality backlinks and should automatically be set up as link hubs, to get the maximum benefit from them.

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