One Page and one campaign


SEO works best when you make a very focused effort. You should always optimize one page for one specific keyword and do a separate backlinking campaign for that particular page. It’s rarely a good idea to try and rank one and the same page for several keywords.

I also recommend that you don’t work on more than 3-5 pages at any one time. Any more dilutes your efforts, unless you have a team of employees or outsourcers helping you.

Most of the techniques in Backlink Battleplan 2.0 are page-specific, meaning you will run through the plan for each page on your site that you want to rank. Some of the methods need to be done only once per website and they will be described as such.

As mentioned above, you want to be optimizing one page for one specific keyword and, whenever you have the choice, you want to make sure that almost all of your links have that main keyword as their anchor text.

I recommend that you create around 80% of your backlinks with your main keyword as the anchor text and throw in a few related keywords and “neutral” words, just to make it look a bit more natural.

For example, if your target keyword is “Department of Education”, here’s what I would recommend:
80% of the links with the anchor text department of education.
20% of the links with anchor texts like educational departmant, educational department and even just my website or click here.

There are no repercussions to building all of your links with the same anchor text, but I still like to mix things up just a little, because I’m pretty sure Google will crack down on pages with 100% uniform anchor texts at some point. It’s just too easy of a spam-signal to pass up on.

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