Quality Link Building Strategies

As you learned in our mail example, there are some things that you can do to get a conversation going with another webmaster within your niche to get a link

Use the real name or company name:

It is much better if you use a real name or company name in your email, it shows that you are really interested in the content of his/her web site and you took the time to get the information. In most of the web sites you can look for a contact page and see if it’s stated there. Otherwise, check if you can find the information on http://www.whois.net/ where you fill in the domain name and yoila and you get the information. (In some cases you don’t get ,t because of privacy settings from the hosting/domain provider.).

Show that you really visited the site:

This is key to your success and you have to read some of the articles. There must be some articles that you like, otherwise you wouldn’t even contact the webmaster to get a link on that site. In your mail you can quote some of those articles, link to them, and give some good quality comment on those article (short please! You don’t want to over do it).

Tell the site owner about the topics of your articles and benefits to their the visitors:

Showing that there are real articles on your site, related to the topic o the site you want the link from, will create curiosity from the other party to check out your web site. Your web site content needs to be “link worthy for them to host the link on their pages.

At this point you should include the URL of your web site and you should do this by sending a link such as “Target Keyword and Domain”  so that they can easily copy the link into their site and you have some control over the keywords used in the link to your site. This means, you have to provide them with a predefined HTML code that is ready to copy and paste for them to create the link to your site. For example, the look like:

<a href=http://www.earningfair. com/> Make Money at Home </a>

If you don’t, you will probably end up with http://www.example.com which is not as good as a link with the keywords in it.

Put up a link first:

When you send a request to get a link to your web site, make sure you have a link to the other site on your web site. Also, make sure you clicked on that link to go to their site.

It will show up in their statistics and they might even have checked out your site before you send the request.

Close your mail by giving out real contact information:

Putting the real contact information in the request mail gives you credibility and shows that you are really looking for a conversation with the other party.

If they have a question for you, they can easily contact you.

Getting the link:

You send out the mails to the webmasters and you are awaiting a stream of relevant incoming links.

Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work right away. If it is a popular web site, emails for link requests will be coming in all the time, so it might take some time for the webmaster to get to your request. Some people are very picky when it comes to linking out to other web sites (I am), because they really want them to fit into the interest of the targeted audience of their web site.

If you don’t get any response, try again in a couple of months and after that next year. Don’t start spamming to get your link, it’s a sure way of not getting it. The success rate of such link requests are really dependent on the kind of niche you are working in. If it is a high competition niche, you have to work harder and still you cannot expect a high success rate.

We looked at several options to get incoming links to your web site, including the following:

  • Paid links
  • Forum signatures
  • Commenting on other web sites
  • How to start building your own incoming links
  • Getting your best content on social marketing sites
  • How to publish articles on republishing services
  • Asking other webmasters for a link

They all need you to invest time to do it right, and you have to check the results using your analytics options. If you see the traffic coming in, make sure you make the next effort of link building to be easier and more effective. You will know from your statistics what works arid what doesn’t in your niche.

It takes time to learn and execute the options and ideas in this chapter, and you don’t need to do them all and not even in the order it is written. What you should do is start! Start using those free services that can provide you with more incoming links and more direct traffic. It will take time and it will take effort to achieve your goals.

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