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Some link-building methods can and should be repeated over and over again, maybe even for each new page on your site, until you achieve a top ranking position. But before we get to those, here are a few things you only need to do once per website.

Many websites come with an RSS feed, which is a dynamically updating file containing information about all of your new content. RSS feeds are a blogging thing, so that readers can keep up with and be notified of your new posts. They can be used for link-building as well, though.

If you have a WordPress site, then you automatically have an RSS feed which is located at:

In other words, it’s simply your site URL followed by /feed.

If you wish, you can also use a free service called FeedBurner to optimize and customize your site’s RSS feed. If you aren’t sure whether your site has an RSS feed or not, register for FeedBurner and try to create a feed with it, for your site.

If your site doesn’t have an RSS feed, you can use HTML2RSS to manually create one.

In terms of backlinking, we can benefit from our RSS feed by submitting it to various online RSS directories. This creates a good amount of links, although those links are all pretty low quality. Don’t expect massive ranking boosts from this step.

Directory submissions are probably among the oldest ways to build backlinks. The concept of a web directory is really a relic from the time before good search engines came along. The idea is simply to keep a directory of lots of websites, sorted by category, so that users can find sites that interest them by browsing through the categories.

While hardly anyone uses directories anymore, they do still exist and while the links aren’t very powerful by themselves, they can help you in your pursuit of the top spot in Google. You’ll notice a recurring theme here, by the way: many link-building methods we use aren’t super-powerful by themselves, but combined and tied together in the right strategy, they result in your site climbing the rankings.

To semi-automate directory submissions, we head over to IM Talk once again and make use of their Directory Submitter tool.
Click on the “Add New Website” link:

On the next screen, fill out the fields, with a keyword rich description, your URL, email etc. and select as many relevant categories from the drop-down menu as you can. Each time, select the item and click on “Add Cat” to add it to the list.
Then, click on “Add Website”.

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