How to Ask for a Link

Use the best articles from your web site to get into the picture of social bookmarking web sites. Find the most visited pages and the pages with the greatest number of comments, if you have a blog on your Joomla! Or wordpress site. Go to bookmarking sites and bookmark your pages using your own account.

There are a lot of bookmarking web sites that you can use, just make sure you send your bookmarks to at least the following:

* Delicous  *Reddit  *Newsvine  *Bloglines  *StumbleUpon

These are some of the most influential ones that count towards your search engine ranking and are a great way to get traffic. Traffic from this kind of web site will come in bursts and mostly will not span a longer time period than a few days.

The real power lies in the long term effect.

Writing articles for links

If you like writing about your passion, you can consider writing articles and submitting them to article publishing services. People are always looking for information and, if you can provide that to them in a Smart way, it will help you to gain recognition as a field expert.

You don’t have to write long articles, but they must be informative and should give the reader an answer to a question they might have. Write those articles and submit them to services such as:


Each of those services have their own “Terms of Service” that you should read before submitting your articles. They have their quality guidelines as well. The length of the article might need to be of a certain minimum or maximum number of characters.

You might not be permitted to link deeper into your web site than the top level. Get that information before you choose a service to work with. Depending on the number of webmasters that will use your articles to republish, you could get a lot more incoming links from just a few well-written articles.

What you should NOT do is take an old article from your site and send it as an article to be republished. That could backfire/as the services mentioned have a clause in their “Terms of Service” stating that the article is original and not published before.

You should really not republish an already submitted article on your own web site, it could give your site a duplicate content penalty as that article will be published all over the Internet (with your link in it). An alternative could be that you publish some of your articles combined and rewritten into an e-book in PDF format that you give away for free from your web site.

Learning how to ask for a link

Sending an email to webmasters asking for a link to your web site is also an option to gain more incoming links. But sending an email with text such as the following will not get you a link from my site.


I have found your web site really informative and I think that my web site could also be of benefit to your visitors.

Please consider placing a link on your web site and send me the page with that link and I will link back to you.

With kind regards,

Webmaster of’

So, what is wrong with such a request. You don’t use the name of the webmaster or company involved; You don’t show that you really visited the site and read some articles. You don’t talk about the topics and benefits that visitors might find on your site. You request a link back before you consider placing the site link on your site (a dead give away of non-relevance, otherwise you would have linked to the site already).

You ask for a confirmation of the placed link, which tells me that you don’t check the site and you don’t have your analytics in order. You don’t give out real contact information. Emails such as this look like they may have been sent out by a “link building company” that will spam all webmasters of sites that might be remotely considered “on topic” to your site.

So, don’t buy into those services unless you are sure that they know how to do it right. Also include a so called “anti-spam” option in your contract with them to make sure they don’t spam, otherwise your carefully built reputation may be shattered to bits.

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