What is a Hit Counter ?

A web page hit counter or simply counter, is a visual representation of the number of hits a page has received. It can be a colorful blotch on your site that just tells your visitors how many others have been there, or it can provide detailed traffic information to the owner of the site.

Most website pages have hit counters installed, so that the owners can see how popular the site is, and how users are reaching the site.

Some hit counters count all hits, including repeat visitors, visitors ip, location while others only count unique hits. Visible counters are placed directly on a Web page, allowing anyone to see the number of hits you’ve received.

Why Use a Hit Counter ?

Every website owner or blogger will take steps to increase the traffic to the website but without any traffic tracking tool, it is not possible to calculate the efficiency of the methods used to attract visitor.

  • Hit Counter is an excellent tool for webmaster. Do you want to know how much interest your website is generating? Adding a hit counter can tell you that and a lot more.
  • Hit counters are usually small graphics that appear on a web page
  • Hit counters that help the webmaster keep track of the number of visitors to his website.
  • These are simple codes that most website template programs already offer for users.
  • Webmaster can find out the popularity of his website.
  • If you have paid to advertise your website, counters can tell you if your advertising programs are working.

hit counter

These days there are thousands of online hit counters available. Some visitor tracking sites include Google Analytics, Google Analytics is free to use on any website. It has no limits on page views that can be tracked or reports that can be generated but there are many more available foe example Site Meter, Statcounter etc.

However, some of them are quite a lot better than others. Some charge money and some aren’t very reliable. A search for “free hit counter” in your favorite search engine will yield a list of possibilities.

I will write a article about “How to Add a Hit Counter on your site” soon.

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