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There are two types of sites that are good places to leave comments, for the purpose of promoting your site: topically relevant sites and blogs with do-follow comments.

Some blogs don’t “no-follow” their comment links, so you can get the full SEO benefit of comment-links. In this case, all that really matters is the link. You can leave the comment using a pen-name, you don’t need to be particularly insightful in what you write and it doesn’t matter whether or not the blog you are commenting on is topically related to the site you are linking to.

To find such do-follow blogs, use the Dofollow Diver search engine on Inline SEO. It’s very simple to use. You just enter a keyword and visit some of the sites listed in the results. If you don’t land directly in a blog post, look for the blog, look for an individual post and find the comment field.

Remember that you can also search for blogs that aren’t in your own niche, since we’re mainly after the backlink when leaving this kind of comment.

Another way to leave comments is to find topically relevant sites that are popular in you niche. If you are building a niche site in the dog training niche, then leaving comments on the most popular blogs in the dog training niche can benefit your site and your brand, even if the links are no-followed. This is especially true when you have a recognizable brand and you leave very interesting or otherwise remarkable comments.

For the branding aspect, make sure you set up a Gravatar image and associate that with the email address you use to leave comments. Gravatar is free to use and takes only seconds to set up, so I highly recommend doing so.

add a commentYou can also get some extra benefits from commenting on sites that have CommentLuv and/or KeywordLuv activated. CommentLuv will automatically list your latest blog post below your comment and KeywordLuv encourages you to enter your name followed by your target keyword and will use your keywords to link to your site, instead of your name.

To find KeywordLuv enabled blogs, you can try this KeywordLuv search engine. To find CommentLuv enabled blogs, you can also use the Dofollow Diver, look through this list of CommentLuv blogs and this even larger list of CommentLuv blogs. Note that the success rate of the search engines is not 100% and some of the sites on the lists have moved or changed their commenting plugins.

If you are building a site, where you will be personally involved with your readers, I highly recommend that you sign up to the RSS feeds of at least a dozen popular blogs in your niche and make it a habit to read (or skim) their posts and leave comments. This should not take more than 15-20 minutes a day and the resulting brand recognition and even traffic you can get from this is well worth it.

If, on the other hand, you are building a “just-for-the-money” type of niche site or the niche you’re working in is not one that is likely to have a community connected to it (e.g. “get rid of toenail fungus”), then this “branding” type of blog commenting isn’t necessary or recommended.

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