Why Backlinks are Important in SEO ? Ways to Get Quality Backlinks

What is Backlink?
Backlinks, also known as  inbound links, inword links and  inlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Basically a back link is a link from another site link back to your own website. When another website link like this , to your website it counts as a backlink.

Why Backlink?
If you have a website without backlinks, it won’t be receiving free search engine traffic. The more backlink to your website is created on another webpage, you get more search engines traffic from Google, bing etc.

If you are looking to optimize your blog or website, there are most three important things to concern yourself with write quality content, keyword rich article title and good backlinks. Google and another search engines basically looks to see who has linked to your blog or web content. If you want to be on Google’s first page than quality backlinks.

How Are Backlinks Created?

  • Write some articles about your relevant topics, include your backlink and submit your article to article directories like Squidoo, Ezine articles, Hubpages etc.
  • Web Directories: Submit your website to Directories
  • Email signature: A link at the bottom of your email
  • Video sharing: Start submitting your videos to video sharing sites because Video is a very powerful tool.
  • Forums are a great place to gain traffic.
  • Comments on others blog and gain free backlinks.
  • Guest blogging: Try getting links from good level and relevant sites. If you are a blogger, then you should start doing this.
  • Social Networking: Backlinks from social networks plays a big role in search engines.
  • Try to use dofollow social bookmarking sites.

Backlink Quality:
Remember friends, The truth is that link building is not all about quantity, it’s about quality. In fact, One high quality backlink can overpower one thousand others. If your blog content is relevant and good you can get a lots of quality backlinks, including from sites with similar topic as yours.

Stage 1, High Quality Backlinks:
You can achieve this by creating websites that you consistently update with related and relevant posts to drive organic traffic to. These are directly external web linking  to your main site.

Stage 2, Mid-Quality BackLinks:
Mid-Quality BackLinks comes from websites you set up to post reused and spun content from article based website.

Stage 3, Low quality BackLinks:
Low quality BackLinks are from the niche article blogs, relevant comments and social bookmarks.

Not only do you want to focus on building a high number of backlinks but that you also want to focus on quality and relevent backlinks that are housed on authority sites. If you get 100 of sites to backlink to your blog but those pages have totally unrelated and duplicate information to your niche content, the search engine may penalize you for it. SO be careful, Search engines reward websites that are unique and content specific.
Link Building is very important Part for search engine optimization. All bloggers and web designers often work hard to make Backlinks to their sites and blogs because Link building is not a easy job. Always try to make one way links for your website. Remember, Recipricol Link Exchanges are fine as long as they are permanent and neither site closes down or loses page rank. if one site loses Page Rank, you’re in trouble.

Backlink is very necessary to drive more visitors in your site

Finally, If you have some great quality backlinks, your website will rank much higher in search engines, and you will get free traffic from your backlinks.  Next time, we’ll discuss more about this.

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    I agree that backlinks are important to SEO, but what are your thoughts about social signals like tweets, likes, pins, etc?

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