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Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and it has become a trusted name for information. As long as Wikipedia captures such high rankings on search result pages. Internet marketers will typically attempt to maximize the results of an post advertising campaign by submitting their articles to worlds top article directories like wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia provides a online platform to create new contant and disseminate information for those interested in that specific subject and anyone can write a new article in it.

Make Wikipedia account:

You will need to have an account to submit a new article. Just go to the Homepage and click on the Sign In/Register link. Be sure to read wikipedia guidelines  and the cheat sheet before you get started.

Writing Content about your ptoduct:

Wikipedia is a way of educating a lot of people all at once. If you want to write an article, you might search for the topics and then add information about your subject to that article. You do not have to give up any personal information to do it. If you are caught trying to post a content about your own , without adhering to the guidelines, the article will be unceremoniously deleted.

Make your articles marketing business strongly with powerful information. The most effective way to keep visitors glued to your post is to give them what they want – solutions, answers, honest promises and guarantees that can stir conviction in them. Remember, readers are not idiots and they understand everything perfectly. Use original content. Wikipedia do not like duplicate content.

How to improve formatting:

To format your article correctly click here and view step by step tutorial.

Wikipedia is the most popular information source,You will be amazed at the results you will get. It would at least send substantial amounts of traffic to websites that are linking to its articles.

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  • luca shayne

    hello, I am a Senior Economist in the Economic Research Department of Confindustria (the Association of Italian Industries), Italy, responsible for econometric modelling and forecasting. I would be interested in writing some articles and to know how it works

    • Shah Sultan Rony

      Find free blog site like blogger or wordpress will help you get published your article.

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