How to Upgrade, Modify or Uninstall Joomla

You might have some concerns about using this patch: I can imagine that you want those concerns to be addressed, so here are some of the issues you may encounter, and their solutions.

What if you don’t like it? Simply uninstall it:

The version 1.5.8 of the Joomlawork SEF patch also provides an undo package that contains the original files for the version you are running. To completely remove this patch you can simply download the undo file, unzip it, and upload it in the same way you did for installation files. It could not be easier than this, to reverse the work done. But I can tell from experience that you don’t want to undo this patch, and as you learn about its benefits you will come to think the same way.

What if I want to upgrade Joomla!:

You should not only want to upgrade Joomla!, you sometimes have to upgrade Joomla! to get access to new functions, or for security. If you are going to upgrade, hold on until the patch is updated, and then do your upgrade directly followed by the SEF patch upgrade. I can tell you from experience that you will see-the difference if you upgrade without the patch. Your site will run without problems after the Joomla! upgrade. However, you will notice the difference after a few days, once the number of visitors’ to your site starts dropping.

Some other changes from the patch

The most important changes done by the patch are mentioned in the previous paragraphs, but there are two other items that 1 would like to mention.

Generator Meta name

Joomla! is a content management system that places a small line in the source code of  each page.

<meta  name=”generator” content=”Joomla!   1.5 – Open  Source  Content Management” />

Now, this line simply promotes Joomla! 1.5 if a visitor of your site looks at the source code to see what system you are using, as they may be keen to use the same system.

However, this same line is also visible to people who are looking for sites to hack. It also adds an extra line to your page and this line is not really needed, so you should remove it. The patch will remove this line for you.

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