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As I mentioned before, WordPress is the biggest scoring free service that you can use. It is also the only one that doesn’t allow you to spam their system and use it just for promotional actions.

All the other services mentioned earlier allow you to monetize your blog or web site. Some share a portion of their revenue as well. So, if you want to make some money on the side this services will provide you with the possibility to do so.

WordPress doesn’t allow you to build blogs just for Search Engine Optimization and I quote:
We have a very low tolerance for blogs created purely for Search Engine Optimization or commercial purposes, machine-generated blogs, and will continue to nuke them. So if that’s what you’re interested in, WordPress is not for you. A self-hosted solution would be much more appropriate for you; suitable hosts can be found at hostgator.

This might be just one of the reasons that Google loves WORDPRESS.COM blogs. So how is it possible to use WORDPRESS.COM to promote your website? Actually, you don’t. On this service you are not going the promote your site in a way that you can do on the other services. On WORDPRESS.COM you truly build a blog or site containing pages with true value to the visitors of that blog. You can create an About page where you put a link to your main website and in that way show the readers where to get more information. You can also put a link to your website in the link section (Blogroll) together with a few other relevant links that contain valid information.

Biogging on WordPress and your ranking
If you cannot promote your web site in a big way then what is the point of creating a blog on WORDPRESS.COM? A blog on WordPress can rank highly for the topic that you are blogging about and will give you some SEO love through those rankings. What is more important is the fact that you can take a special topic from your main web site’s topic and create a blog around that.

If you write your blog posts well and start to rank on that topic you will be seen as an authority on that topic and people will want to know more about you. That is the main reason to invest time to blog on WORDPRESS.COM to be recognized as an authority in your field of expertise. As you took only one topic out of all the topics that your site is about, you can do it again for another topic as well.

You could also see these blogs as a collection of topic silos that create an array of highly related web sites that point to yours. This kind of link building takes time, and a lot of it! Is it worth it? Yes most certainly, and in more ways than one.

With blogging you can achieve the following:

  • An authority status if you do it right
  • More traffic to your web site
  • Better rankings in the search engines
  • More insight into what the visitors of your web site are looking for
  • To interact with other people having interest in the same topic as you
  • Fun in writing and that will reflect on your site as you want to create more content on that site as well

There is also a downside that you have to consider —it takes time away from building content on your main site and you have to cover more locations to maintain in the beginning. If you use that blog to write some timeless quality content on a niche part of your main site you will find out that you can stop maintaining those blogs after a short period of time. Remember, these are valid blogs to build incoming links to your main site!

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