How to Start a Blog

Are you thinking of starting a blog to promote your business or profession ? Blogging is either free or inexpensive, and you can get started in moments by creating a blog. To develop your concept, launch your website and promote your writing, this article will show you what you need to get started.

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Creating a blog on WordPress is also very simple, go to and get a blog. Wait! Don’t go yet! You need a few guidelines to start.

1. Your initial user account name is going to be the first part of your URL, so name it right and remember, you cannot use a “-” in your username. When you are logged in to and you type in the URL with a new keyword that you want (if it is not taken); you will get the option to add that blog to your account so that you can manage all of your blogs from one place.

2. Think about the title of your blog, if you want to change it later you can do that in the settings panel.

3. Once you have your new blog, start cleaning.

  • Delete the sample post and the comment along with it.
  • Delete all the links in the blogroll (unless you are going to write about WordPress).
  • Change the base post category from Uncategorized to a relevant topic name.
  • Change the name of the links category from Blogroll to your most relevant keyword.
  • Delete the About page and create a new one with the .. keywords of your blog in the title. That way your URL (page slug in WordPress) is containing the same keywords.

4. Choose a nice theme layout that fits your topic, and if possible use a customized header. Using a customized header will give your site a slightly different look from the other WORDPRESS.COM web sites.

5. Change the tagline in the general settings and start writing the way you do on your web site!

Using free blogging services

As you saw, there are several blogging platforms and free web site building platforms that you can use to promote your web site. There are a lot more out there on the Internet, but you need to look for the ones that rank well in the search engines before you put your valued time into building a linking “empire”.

These services are free of charge and sometimes live on the revenue that comes from the blog content they host. If you don’t want to be on such a platform where there are advertisements around your writing, don’t use them. If you are afraid that you can lose your blog on such sites look for a way to make backups (for example, on WORDPRESS.COM you can use the Export function).

How to minimize your blog writing time

Keeping content fresh and up-to-date on all the blogs that you build is not that difficult. If you focus on blogging on your own web site, you should try to integrate the RSS Feed from your web site into those blog pages. RSS Feeds are the best possible automatic way of updating one-to-many, so use it to your advantage.

Your blog is not an online journal. Although it might feel like the perfect place to let everything out, be careful about what you write. Especially, when you have aims of making money from it.

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